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Wooden Table Tops - We Love Them!

We love wooden table tops - they are robust, last for ages, look better with a bit of wear, shrugging off scratches and other imperfections and can be made to match pretty much any decorations. Choose carefully and they are good value as well!

wooden table tops

Solid wooden tops are usually oak, ash, beech or walnut. Oak, Ash and Beech are often stained to be a bit darker than their natural state. Ash and Beech represent the best value for money.

There are many ways to finish solid wood tops; simple seals and lacquers are most popular, but you can also choose from a long list of unusual finishes. These include distressing, scorching, band-sawing, liming and sand-blasting.

Solid Wood tops can be created to most shapes and sizes and tend not to need complicated edge detail, although deeper edges can be added with good effect. Solid Wood tops typically are 20 to 25mm thick, which can easily be doubled by adding an extra edge layer dropping down below.

Solid Wood tops can be fitted to most bases, but as many Solid Wood Table Tops require reinforcing strips underneath (these can be visible, particularly on smaller tables) the base must be considered when tops are specified.

We have many solid wood table tops (and samples) on display in our Hammersmith showroom:

Outdoor Solid Wood Table Tops

Solid wood is a good material for table tops for outdoor use - as long as the tops are manufactured for this use, and we reckon slatted tops are best, to allow water to drain . Traditionally, outdoor furniture was often made of Teak, but this is getting harder to responsibly source and is going up in price. Alternatives include less-well known hardwoods such as Robina. Outdoor solid wood tops require regular oiling and even then may weather, usually to a grey colour.

There are now attractive and convincing man-made 'artificial wood' table tops, which require little or no maintenance.

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