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Lulu Wild, Birmingham - Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Lulu Wild is the new establishment in Birmingham that everyone needs to know about. Quirky and fun, it's a venue that promises to live up to its name. 

Combining contemporary Oriental cuisine with cocktail culture, the bar and restaurant takes inspiration from ancient Chinese style and offers guests a rather glamorous bottomless brunch experience. Spanning two floors, guests can enjoy visionary cocktails such as a Ginger Mojito while soundtracked to R&B tunes. 

Each floor boasts a different interior - with fresh daylight decor on the ground, our Paris Tube Side Chairs in shades of Mojito Pink and Beeswax toned Buja Low Stools set the scene for the perfect brunch scenario. Upstairs takes on a darker, more dramatic look, accentuated by our London S Side Chairs in Lucifer and Antique Bronze Mirror Glass Table Tops.

Neon lighting recreates an electric atmosphere reminiscent of China’s downtown streets, embodying refinery and elegance, yet with a touch of of Birmingham’s cheekiness - a combination that guarantees an instagrammer's paradise.

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