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Rosa's Thai - Restaurant

Serving honest Thai food with a whole lot of spices and heart, Rosa is a Thai chain restaurant with multiple locations around London and the North. We are delighted to have worked with design studio, Gundry & Ducker, on several Rosa restaurants, including Baker Street, Birmingham, Greenwich, Finsbury Park, Clapham, Manchester, and Grafton Way.

Each location is unique in its own right but still echoing the same warm and inviting décor, which perfectly complements Rosa’s hearty, soulful dishes. Their design intends to evoke a sense of homeliness similar to traditional British café interiors, while also paying homage to Thailand.

Our B-1110 Armchairs gives off an elegant, oriental twist with its structural look and curved arm rest. Combined with bespoke marble and oak table tops, the earthy colour scheme comes to life while bamboo paneling, potted plants, and tribal wall art add a dash of quirkiness throughout the space.

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