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Ruby Hotel - Boutique Hotel Chain

The Ruby Hotel is a boutique hotel chain with multiple locations across Europe. Their revolutionary Lean Luxury philosophy is all about being smart with space and streamlining systems while not compromising on style. We are delighted to have worked with the Ruby Hotel on several locations, including Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Geneva. Each hotel is uniquely decorated, its design inspired by the eclectic history and people residing in the city it calls home.

Featuring in the vibrant 24/7 bar in Ruby Luna, Dusseldorf, are a range of our most colourful pieces, such as the Candy Barstools and Elle Barstools. Our Malu Side Chair brings a hint of structure to the restaurant at Ruby Louise, Frankfurt; while in Ruby Elle, Cologne, our Wilson Lounge Chair and Float Coffee Table add a contemporary twist to every room.   

Images: © Ruby Hotels.

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