Table Size Guide

tables in a row in a hotelTable tops come in many shapes and sizes. The right table size depends on how many covers are required on each table and what the table is used for.

Drinking requires less space than quick meals; fine dining requires the most space, to allow enough room for side plates and additional crockery & cutlery.

Square tables are most popular (700mm x 700mm is our top selling size), mainly because they can be used either alone (typically for two people), or ajoined for larger parties. Round tables do offer more flexibility, particularly in cafe-type environments when chairs can be 'squeezed' around them as necessary. Many restaurants will order a combination of shapes and sizes, often including a bigger round top, perhaps to fill a corner or simply to make the layout less uniform.

The table top sizes and shapes diagram below is a good indicator to help determine the right table top sizes for your setting - remember to also leave space for both the chairs and movement around seated guests. For drinking, tables can be 20% smaller than depicted below and for fine dining slightly larger. We are happy to advise you further.