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Bazze-LIB Table Base

Height / Legs:


Minimum Order Quantity is 1

guide price (per item):




Black cast iron table base. Dining height. 

Product is also available in RAL colours, chromed, and outdoor finish.

Maximum suitable table top sizes: 

Dining Height - 3 Leg - Ø800mm.

Dining Height - 4 Leg - Ø900mm.

Dining Height - Twin Base - 1600x1000mm.

Poseur Height - 3 Leg - Ø700mm.

Poseur Height - 4 Leg - Ø800mm.

Poseur Height - Twin Base - 1200x800mm.

Note: Square tops are not recommended for 3-legged bases.

Note: Our table suitability guide is based on standard top sizes, in laminate, veneer or timber only. When pairing bases with tops, we recommend the weight ratio to be in favour of the table base to ensure stability. This is particularly important when using metal, marble or other heavy table tops.


  • Diameter: 560
  • Height: 735
  • Footprint: 0.25 m2

lead time: ico help

6 - 8 weeks