Terms and conditions


‘TC3’ shall mean The Contract Chair Company Ltd and ‘the buyer’ shall mean the customer with whom a contract is made.



All orders are accepted subject to the following Terms & Conditions, which shall not be varied except as agreed by TC3 in writing.


Quote & Prices

Our quotes remain valid for 30 days, but TC3 reserves the right to amend the price as a result of changes to the exchange rate, to suppliers’ prices or to other inputs outside our control. TC3 also reserves the right to amend prices in the instance when a genuine and honest mistake has been made.



Any recommendation or advice relating to goods or services contained in literature issued by TC3 is for guidance only without liability on the part of TC3. Buyers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product or service for their own particular purpose.


Deposit & Balance Payments

Unless stated otherwise in the quote, TC3 requires a 50% deposit to process the order and the balance to be cleared 5 days before the fulfilment of the order (i.e. delivery or collection). Orders under £2000 are charged fully upfront.
Not having the balance cleared 5 days before fulfilment may result in cancellation of the delivery/collection and extra cost being charged, covering additional storage and delivery costs. If payment is received late, or the date of fulfilment is changed by a customer, it may take up to ten working days for us to reschedule. If a delivery is delayed by a customer-related issue, storage will be charged at a monthly rate of 10% of the value of products.
All products remain the property of TC3 until paid for in full. If full payment is not made by the due date, TC3 may take steps to recover the products. This does not affect TC3’s legal rights for collection of payment.
TC3 reserves the right to charge the buyer 3% per month on all amounts not received by their due dates and may suspend the supply of goods and services until such time all outstanding amounts have been paid in full.
Credit accounts are available to regular customers with a significant actual or potential turnover with TC3, subject to credit check.


Order Confirmation

An Order Confirmation is sent to the buyer as soon as the deposit has been received, at which point TC3 acknowledges the order in its current state and starts production. It is the buyer’s responsibility to alert TC3 of any required alternations before this stage.


Alterations & Cancellations

TC3 will not cancel orders later than 48 hours after the Order Confirmation has been sent to the buyer. Costs incurred as a result of order alteration or cancellation will have to be paid for in full by the buyer.



At the stage of quoting the buyer must advise us of all circumstances that are relevant to delivery. This includes, but is not limited to: Floor plans where necessary; CSCS and/or RAMS requirements; information about use of the lift (if furniture is delivered to floors other than ground floor); local traffic and parking restrictions. If TC3 can’t deliver due to site conditions or similar, the buyer will be charged for extra costs associated with re-delivery. The buyer shall provide, at the place where the goods are delivered, well lit, clear and level working areas.
The quoted delivery prices are for work done between the hours of 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday unless otherwise stated on the quote. The time is counted from the point of departure to the point of return to the warehouse.

Delivery team will follow instruction given by on-site personnel, additional costs incurred by TC3 as a result of overtime work at the request of buyer (or on-site representative) will be charged to the buyer. The costs incurred as a result of the buyer’s request to reschedule the delivery/collection will be charged to the buyer, including the storage and late (less than 72 hours prior to scheduled delivery) cancellation or alteration costs.
If our delivery team is unable to provide a full quoted service due to inappropriate site-conditions, or a request by the on-site personnel, products may be left on site at client’s own risk and refund or compensation claims will not be considered.
TC3 aims to make all deliveries on time, but orders can be delayed by factors outside its control, including weather, transport problems and manufacturing problems. As a result, any date named by TC3 for delivery can only be an estimate. TC3 will not accept responsibility for claims made as a result of delayed fulfilment of orders. Where a 3rd party fabric is required, lead times are assumed to commence from the time the fabric arrives at the factory.
Upon fulfilment TC3 reserves the right to take pictures of the furniture on location.
Other Terms and Conditions apply for deliveries outside mainland UK. Please enquire for details.



Orders will be invoiced based on the prices given in the Order Confirmation. TC3 will issue an invoice upon the delivery/collection of ordered products. TC3 is legally required to charge VAT if the delivery address is within the UK, although the VAT amount can be refunded upon receipt of Proof of Shipping outside the UK.



The buyer is responsible for checking their products at the time of delivery. All claims arising from non-delivery, loss or damage in transit must be made in writing to TC3 within 2 working days of receiving the goods; TC3 will not assume responsibility after this time. TC3’s liability arising out of a proven claim shall be limited to replacement of the goods in question or, at TC3’s option, reimbursement of the price thereof. TC3 will not assume responsibility for goods delivered in circumstances outside of terms agreed at the stage of quoting. The buyer is responsible to operate reasonable systems of regular inspection and maintenance.


Lifetime Guarantee

TC3 offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults. If a piece of furniture has a manufacturing fault, TC3 will repair it or replace it, free of charge. The lifetime of furniture depends on a number of factors, two of which are particularly important: How much use the furniture gets and the design of the furniture. The typical lifetime of furniture produced for contract use is 5-8 years, although it could be less for less durable designs.
Determining whether damage is caused by a manufacturing fault can be subjective. TC3 will assume damage is so caused unless we can reasonably identify possible misuse.
The guarantee is not applicable if products have been significantly altered on the instruction of the buyer, or if the advice given in the Furniture Care and Maintenance Guide is not reasonably adhered to.


Special terms for production of 'bespoke' furniture

TC3 will supply 'bespoke' furniture (i.e. items designed specifically for a particular project) which have their own additional Terms & Conditions, as follows:
a. Unless specifically requested, bespoke furniture will neither be officially tested nor certified for durability etc.
b. Our lifetime guarantee does not extend to bespoke furniture;
c. For bespoke furniture, TC3 may require payment in full before production commences;
d. TC3 reserves the right to continue to produce bespoke products, unless specifically informed otherwise.