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Pub furniture, once cheap and usually dark wood, was transformed with the emergence of gastro-pubs and is now similar to much of the casual dining sector, with more barstools and fixed seating. Pub furniture largely consists of pub dining chairs and tables - pub tables now usually consist of tops and bases, which are ordered as separate items; the bases are almost always pedestals, which allows seating flexibility.

After setting a budget, perhaps the place to start when buying commercial pub furniture is deciding the number of covers; this will inevitably impact on the size of the pub tables and may also affect the choice of pub chairs - some chairs have a bigger footprint than others; other chairs may not tuck under the table top, so taking too much space.

Pub bar stools are usually 750-800mm which allows a comfortable drinking or eating position at standard height bars.The weight of stools can be important, often to ensure they are not moved far from a bar. Metal or plastic kickbacks are available with most stools to stop the footrests from chipping.

Some pubs require furniture that is almost bulletproof; pub chairs that won’t break and table tops that won’t mark easily; how robust the furniture needs to be is an important consideration.

Well-chosen designs can utterly transform an otherwise unexceptional interior - most pub chairs are still wooden, although designs have become more contemporary. 

Possible pitfalls include choosing table tops and bases that cannot be connected easily, problems with fire regulations, issues with chair glides and how best to specify outdoor furniture; please do get in touch with us for advice about these and everything about pub furniture.

Below is our selection of the best pub furniture.

  • Wicker chairs and wooden tables in the bar area of Lost & Found Birmingham
  • Glow barstools in the bar area of Dirty Martini
  • Stickback chairs and wooden tables in The Chequers Inn
  • Cane armschairs and barstools in the bar area of The Botanist Bath

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