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Epoxy Table Base


Minimum Order Quantity is 1

guide price (per item):




Metal base with Epoxy finish and Brass pads.

Available painted in any RAL colour (upon request).

Maximum suitable table top size: Ø900mm or 900x900mm.

Customization of foot-span can be made with no MOQ. Spider size will depend on top size and should be checked if fixing plates are used on tops.


Note: Metal surfaces quickly tarnish when exposed to air or acidic/alkaline materials, forming a distinctive matt layer or ‘patina’. The patina increases over time and reacts with liquids and other materials to create a distinct aesthetic.

Note: Our table suitability guide is based on standard top sizes, in laminate, veneer or timber only. When pairing bases with tops, we recommend the weight ratio to be in favour of the table base to ensure stability. This is particularly important when using metal, marble or other heavy table tops.




  • Height: 750
  • Width: 780
  • Depth: 780
  • Footprint: 0.61 m2

lead time: ico help

6 - 8 weeks