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room2 Southampton - Hotel

room2 Southampton combines the best bits of hotels (service, security, and facilities), with the flexibility, freedom and personality of Airbnb to create a hometel; a place to live not just to stay.

At the heart of the hometel concept is a sense of freedom and flexibility, because what a home means is different to everyone. It’s about providing guests with a platform to do what they want when they want, but with the security, services and support of a hotel environment. There is an increasing blurring of the lines between work and leisure and as such guests are seeking greater flexibility and connection compared to restricted and formal hotel environments.

Because the hometel experience is different for everyone, the design by Project Orange, needed to offer a platform which would allow a range of different guests to be able to utilise and enjoy the environment however they wish. It was also important that the furniture provided a true feeling of home and comfort. The Verona Sofa has been a particular hit with guests; the styling and colour pallet perfectly complement the room design, creating a totally integrated and connected space.

Photography: James Newton jnphotographs.co.uk

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