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The Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds

No ordinary hotel refurb, Harrison has reimagined The Angel Hotel as an immersive space steeped in folklore & rooted in great design.

The hotel was keen to emphasise both the hotel's rich heritage & its association Charles Dickens who referenced the hotel in The Pickwick Paper. To this end, Harrison has created a concept which focuses on 'fables and tales'. This idea incorporates vintage details (the bar is an antique jewellery retail counter) alongside traditional materials (fumed oak floor) and fable-like features (porcelain feathers fluttering from the ceiling simultaneously evoking quill pens and angels' wings).

There are also three hand-painted murals, including the one pictured above with our Ava Barstools with a Dickens quote and a rendering of local folk tale 'Edmund & the Wolf'. Read more about the refurb by Harrison Design here.



Design: Harrison

Photography: Jonathan Banks

Products used