Commercial Furniture

Commercial furniture is furniture used by businesses and in other places of work; it includes furniture in offices as well as public dining and entertainment-type venues, most typically restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafes. Commercial furniture is generally hard-wearing and reasonably easy to maintain.

Commercial furniture is supplied by companies such as The Contract Chair Co and is generally made to order; as a result it is available in a wider choice of designs and finishes than is available in the retail market. Downsides of being made to order included sometimes substantial minimum order quantities, lead times being 4 to 6  weeks and returning of products being difficult.

Commercial furniture is subject to particular fire regulations that do not necessarily apply to furniture used in your home; our furniture comes with CMHR foam (ie foam that does not easily ignite or burn) and is usually specified with fabric that meets Crib 5 flammability test (a fairly stringent industry standard).

  • Burnt red velvet sofa in the bedroom of the aparthotel room2 southampton
  • Modern chairs and tables in The Listing restaurant featuring with a botanical infusion of hanging plants from the ceiling
  • Mid-century furniture in The Allegory restaurant featuring veneer tables and Morelia Armchairs in front of a glamourous 1950s lady spray paint artwork on wall.
  • Restaurant fluted booth seating and leather upholstered chairs with marble tables in Old Compton Brasserie featuring glowing orb lights which hang from above
  • Velvet poufs accompany Fenix table tops scattered around green velvet banquettes and barstools with metal frames.

Commercial Dining Chairs

Commercial Tables

relevant projects

  • Watergate House - Charing Cross

    Watergate House - Charing Cross

    A relaxed working environment with leather lounge chairs, marble tables and a co-working bar area.

  • Print Rooms - Southwark

    Print Rooms - Southwark

    Industrial design fuses with contemporary furniture to create a sleek modern office space for co-working businesses.

  • John Lewis - Oxford

    John Lewis - Oxford

    A light and welcoming design with bright furniture and a fantastic feature wall filled with white mortarboards with coloured tassels.

  • Waitrose - King's Cross

    Waitrose - King's Cross

    Outdoor furniture that is contemporary, solid and hard wearing and cafe furniture that blends perfectly with the supermarket space.

  • Harvey Nichols 5th Floor Bar

    Harvey Nichols 5th Floor Bar

    This renovation of the 5th Floor Champagne bar in the famous London department store is pink, frilly & fabulous.

  • Clubrooms by No.1 - Edinburgh Airport

    Clubrooms by No.1 - Edinburgh Airport

    This airport lounge provides quirky cafe furniture for a pre-flight meal and a co-working desk space to recharge and refresh that inbox before takeoff.

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  • Hospitality Table Size Guide

    Hospitality Table Size Guide

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  • Seat Heights & Table Heights

    Seat Heights & Table Heights

    Table base heights are often decided after a seat is selected. If you want the diner's legs to fit under the table you must leave 250-300mm of space between the top of the chair seat and the bottom of the table top. Get the correct measurements for dining, counter & poseur heights with this diagram