Fine Dining Restaurant Furniture

Fine dining is about providing particularly memorable eating experiences, with all aspects of the customer visit being carefully managed.

Fine dining restaurant furniture tends to reflect the extra care put into the food, with extra care taken on the details of chairs and tables. Upholstery might have extra stitching, fluting or button details; chair legs might have brass feet. Fine dining table tops are more likely to be of more expensive marbles, or perhaps well-finished wooden tops with detailing such as inlays and metal edging.

As a result of this extra attention to detail, fine dining furniture tends to be more expensive than normal restaurant furniture; items are also more likely to be bespoke, created for the restaurant.

The Contract Chair Company supplies all types of fine dining restaurant furniture and very regularly creates bespoke products.

  • Leather barstools pair with marble table tops and an impressive dining counter in The Oyster Club
  • Stickback chairs at tableclothed tables face an impressive sea view
  • Ester side chair and oak tables in Quaglinos
  • Cane chairs with yellow seat pads line a large table in a room laden with mirrors
  • Cane chairs and upholstered dining chairs pair with dark stained tables amidst green velvet banquettes and botanical print wallpaper

Fine Dining Chairs

Fine Dining Table Tops

Fine Dining Table Bases

relevant projects

  • The Oyster Club - Birmingham

    The Oyster Club - Birmingham

    The Oyster Club offers a casual and relaxed approach to fine dining and the interior design is geared to creating a memorable experience which draws walk-in customers with the pull of live oyster shucking.

  • The Bracebridge - Sutton Coldfield

    The Bracebridge - Sutton Coldfield

    The Bracebridge is set in the stunning 2,400 acre Sutton Park - with equally stunning food and interiors to match.

  • Rick Stein - Sandbanks, Dorset

    Rick Stein - Sandbanks, Dorset

    Wooden chairs and bare brick walls add an organic element to compliment the stunning views of the sea from the windows of the restaurant.

  • Daphne's - Chelsea

    Daphne's - Chelsea

    When it comes to British restaurant furniture, you can't get more classic than a caned chair with a dark stain, though Daphne's hav has the added extra of a splash of contemporary colour.

  • Quaglino's - St. James's

    Quaglino's - St. James's

    Our Ester side chair looks fabulous next to the signature sweeping staircase, showing contemporary furniture can compliment art deco surroundings.

relevant blog posts

  • Designing For Fine Dining: Interview With Faber Design

    Designing For Fine Dining: Interview With Faber Design

    Faber Design has recently completed two fantastic fine dining venues: The Oyster Club in Birmingham and The Bracebridge in Sutton Coldfield. In this short interview with Faber we explore the secrets behind successful fine dining design.

  • Hospitality Table Size Guide

    Hospitality Table Size Guide

    The right table size depends on how many covers are required on each table and what the table is used for; fine dining or drinking will differ. Drinking requires less space than quick meals; fine dining requires the most space. To calculate how many covers will fit in a restaurant use this diagram.

  • Seat Heights & Table Heights

    Seat Heights & Table Heights

    Table base heights are often decided after a seat is selected. If you want the diner's legs to fit under the table you must leave 250-300mm of space between the top of the chair seat and the bottom of the table top. Get the correct measurements for dining, counter & poseur heights with this diagram

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